BAER NAEKED stands for a staunch philosophy of honesty, openness & expression (usually beyond the point that many Americans are comfortable with). Working across a variety of media, my subject matter remains constant – making the invisible visible, making the intangible tangible.

I’m intrigued by the therapeutic & communicative powers of the tactile. Being able to grapple with nebulous concepts through spatial, physical and temporal navigation can help to fill in what words alone cannot impart. Some experiences do not fit neatly into language, & so we must find other ways of excising the burden from us alone as a way of survival. The ability to share an experience with & impart knowledge to someone is its own form of healing. 

The process of making my art has allowed me to process things within my own mind that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to, & I hope the process of interacting with the pieces can provide the same to viewers. 

Through art, I rip myself apart so that I can get out.